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About CAL sequence

Our purpose

The Canberra Academy of Languages was established in 2016 to expand opportunities for language learning in the Canberra region. Our vision is that students in the Canberra region, for whom it is a priority to consolidate and improve their proficiency in a language other than English, can do so by the time they complete secondary schooling.

CAL was a Specialist Education Provider, registered with the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) throughout 2017 to 2023, preparing students as local and global citizens. For more details, see the CAL Charter. The CAL charter includes a statement on our commitment to language learner rights.

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From 2017 to 2023, we delivered language courses leading to unit credits for the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate. Scores for courses completed by students with CAL will contribute to their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) if the scores are among their best four course scores, along with their other course scores from courses they undertake at their home schools or colleges.

Our students

CAL ANGLS Video participants

Our programs commenced in 2017. We provided courses for Year 11-12 students and early access students (high school students commencing selected senior secondary subjects early) to continue learning in their chosen languages, where these courses are not available through their schools or other providers. Select the image on the right to download a video clip created with CAL students for the 2020 ANGLS Conference.

As of 2023, students were enrolled with us for courses in French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Tamil. What they have in common is a belief in the value of becoming a capable communicator in at least one language other than English. Select the image on the right to download a video clip, originally created for the 2020 ANGLS Conference, where students discuss their perspectives on language learning.

Our teachers

CAL Staff Our teachers have TQI registration and are well qualified in the languages they teach. They support our students in using the target language, in continuous improvement in proficiency and intercultural capability and understanding, and in achieving the learning goals set out in the ACT senior secondary modern languages curriculum.

Our values

CAL Charter We value excellence, equity and a civil society. For more details, please see the CAL Charter, which is also part of our Articles of Association (at Schedule 2). The CAL Charter outlines our purpose, rationale and values. It also states the basis on which we take decisions on classes to run each year and identifies our commitment to work with interested stakeholders on curriculum development.

CIT Solutions CML senior secondary languages plans


The Canberra Academy of Languages is working with the Centre for Modern Languages (CML), CIT Solutions, in finalising transition arrangements for them to commence delivery of senior secondary language courses as a Specialist Education Provider from the start of 2024 .

For an overview of CIT Solutions CML senior secondary language programs, visit the CML senior secondary languages page or view the CIT Solutions CML senior secondary languages flier here.

Enrolment sequence

Senior secondary students who enrol with CIT Solutions will gain unit credits that are recognised alongside their day-school programs in the same way as they did with CAL. Enrolment with CML will continue to be done via school-sponsored places or family-sponsored places. Places in CIT Solutions CML programs are open for commencement in 2024 in French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Tamil. For more information, see the section above about CML plans.

Enrolment enquiries

To enquire about enrolment for 2024, please email your expression of interest to, and let CIT Solutions know: Following your expression of interest, CIT Solutions will contact you about next steps for enrolment. Please email or call CIT Solutions if you would like more information.

Why learn languages sequence

Learning languages provides cognitive, social and functional benefits. Mastering communication skills in another language delivers benefits that include:

Cognitive benefits

Social benefits

Functional benefits

More information sequence

For more about learning languages, see:

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Convener's Reports

The Convener's Report is presented annually as part of the CAL End of Year Ceremony. Links to reports for previous years are provided below. 2023 CAL Convener's Report

Links on Languages.Org.Au

Languages.Org.Au was
a resource for learners of languages, managed by the Canberra Academy of Languages, with a home page that provides links to organisational contacts and links to schools of languages in Australia; and language-specific pages for several languages. CAL is no longer delivering language programs, so there are no ongoing updates on Languages.Org.Au, and web hosting will finish in 2024.

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